Feeling sheepish…

So I’ve been hearing that the weather back home’s taken a turn for the worse recently.  It sounds like everyone is buttoned up in winter coats and knee high booties already (ahhhh, knee high booties, how I miss thee…) so I thought I’d have a think about some more interior design ideas suitable for autumn weather.  Since writing about the most incredible ski lodge in the world last week, I’ve been thinking about these cute and cosy sheepskin-upholstered chairs…

…and thought today that I’d round up a few images of gorgeous designs incorporating sheepskin rugs/throws/furnishings/general fleeciness.

I’d never really seen them used with seating before, but LOVE how they instantly add texture and interest to these schemes:

Sheepskin rugs seem to be hugely popular in nurseries – these ones are le bee’s knees:

It looks fantastic as an accent:

Or as a more integral part of a scheme (gorgeous fireplace!):


Oooh, and here it’s used in more of a shabby chic vibe:

Loks good even in a bathroom setting – who’d have thought?!

Cosy cosy cosy!

And this throw is fantastic!  I’m also loving the seagrass wall panels – might have to lock that away for future reference…

Hellllo lucite!

And yet more stunners:

(credits: Apartment Therapy, Houzz, Pinterest, Domino, Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home)

And to source these beauts, try IKEA for a classic rug or a quirky armchair – I think the ‘rug’ can also be used draped over a chair or stool:

Room & Board have a bunch of rugs and throw cushions:

Or head to Heal’s for the perfect nursery accessory!

Fun, huh?


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