Monday’s Masterpiece – colour + quirk

Morning friends!  How are we all today?  Hope all had great weekends, we certainly did.  So I’ve been asked for pics of the Pirates shenanigans – well this, ladies and gentlemen, is the man I’m marrying in 95 days…

It is wrong on just so many levels, I didn’t stop laughing for about 3 hours.  A strange mixture of Cap’n Jack Sparrow and Riverdance I think…  I was however impressed by his dedication to the dressing up.  Here are a couple of other crackers:

(credits: Morritts, DiveTech)

Much fun was had, but my voice seems to be suffering this morning after too much arrrr-ing and champers at brunch yesterday.

Anyhoo, so today I thought I’d take a look at the fun style of Palmer Weiss, an interior designer based in San Francisco who creates designs full of colour and unique touches.  Gorgeous colour contrasts and quirky table here:

Helllllo leopard print stool!

Do you see this light fitting?!

Love this sleek minimalist kitchen:

And this cosy nook – gorgeous pendants and side table:

A little bit of l’orange goes a long way here:

And this powder room’s to die for!

And lastly, what a fun upholstered daybed!

LOOOOVE the sheepskin / jute rugs combo and that drapery fabric is incredible, try Les Indiennes for a similar, slightly darker paisley:

Alrighty, it’s a bank hol today in Cayman and I am off to le beach – have great days all!


  1. annie says:

    OMG that’s brilliant!! I do hope that’s his groomsman outfit! You could be Keira Knightley to his Jack Sparrow. So funny! And the boat picture is awesome.

    oh and quite like the grey velvet sofa too.

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