Monday’s Masterpiece – chic-tastic lodge

Morning all!  Apols for the mega delay posting today – I’ve just had my first ever kitesurfing lesson and it went on waaaay longer than expected!  Was awesome though, I’ll be hitting those jumps in no time (ahem…).

Anyhoo so I came across this amazeballs hotel over le weekend and thought that for today’s masterpiece we’d take a looksee at Le Lodge Park, a stunning chic ski lodge ran by the Sibuet Group of hotels and designed by (I believe, my French ain’t what it used to be) Jocelyne Sibuet.

The huge range of gorgeous natural materials and textures she uses, from leather and sheepskin to wooden logs and antlers, give the property a gorgeous organic vibe while the various more contemporary furnishings and accessories up the ante way high!


And do you see this ceiling treatment??!

Yep, I can pretty much see me hanging out here with a well earned glühwein after a hard day on the slopes!

Oooh, and here too…


If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more images from her chalet portfolio – LOOOOVE the contrast of the crystal chandie here!

Aaaaaand some others from the group’s hotels in Provence – my eyes actually just popped out of my head…

Ah Europe, how I miss thee…


    • Elly Hails says:

      Haha, nope not me sadly – it’ll be a few more lessons before I can do that!

      I know, the lodge looks INCREDIBLE right?! Really love the contemporary faux deer heads too!

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