Ladders ladders everywhere

I’m not quite sure why I love library ladders so much.  I think it may be to do with the fact that I was a total bookworm when I was a kid, but there’s something so quirky yet elegant about them, I feel as if I want to put one in practically every single room I design (and in fact, have pretty much done just that). 

‘My Design Chic’ did a fabulous post a while back on the use of library ladders in kitchens, which got me thinking about incorporating one into the loft I’m currently designing.  The clients are seemingly obsessed with storage space and have insanely high ceilings, so I’m thinking of having one entire wall (12m x 3.5m) of built in cupboards, half kitchen/half living room, and a rolling ladder across the whole lot.  I actually spent about an hour yesterday afternoon puzzling over the intricacies of trigonometry (SOH CAH TOA – remember the rules?! It’s tricky!) to work out how much floor space I’d need for the ladder – I used to be pretty good at maths but my brain seems to be slowing down living here in Cayman, ha. 

Anyhoo……….I digress, but I thought I’d share a few library ladder images with you folks this morning.

How’s this for an opening pic?!  Insane!

I LOOOOOOOOVE the white floorboards/light wood beams and ladder combo here:

Couple of dramatic black options: 

And here’s Diane von Furstenberg’s living room (apols for the scraggy image) – perfection!

I’m actually more drawn to the barrel armchairs here than the ladder…

And I love how ladders work so well in contemporary minimalist spaces…

…as well as more elaborate traditional ones:

How about adding one to the kitchen to make the most of your storage?  I think this would only work in a large kitchen though, I see plenty of scope for disaster otherwise (me + pot of boiling water + ladder in unexpected spot = error).

LOVE the marble splashbacks here:

Le bee’s knees? Yep, I agree:

And I’m going GAGAAAAA over these two more utilitarian spaces:

They’re also so cute used for kiddies’ bunks: 

Or how about your bathroom storage?!  Genius.

(credits: Pinterest, Tracery Design, The Enchanted Home, Francois Bollack Architect, Delight By Design)


And when it comes to populating the shelves, I’ve found the perfect solution: Penguin Hardcover Classics.

What could be better than a classic tale combined with an aesthetically-pleasing cover?  Not much, if you ask me.  Did you see the parrot and flamingoes above?!



  1. annie says:

    Re the second picture, is that a nook for the cook to sleep in? Is it some weird 21st century Downton scullery?

    Love the built in kiddy bunks and those books are stunning.

  2. Alistair says:

    Hi elly

    I see that you lived in Singapore: We are just looking for a library ladder for a room here. preferably a slim close to the wall modelt – on a rail. Any ideas for supplieers in Singapore or will we need to custom build or buy in from the States or elsewhere . Thanks

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