Tents with a twist…

I have been ever so slightly enamoured with (read: obsessed-to-an-alarming-degree-with) the Raj Tent Club for a while now, but now that they’ve launched their new website I seriously cannot get enough of the gorgeous tent installations they create.  For sale or hire, the tents are all block printed by hand in Rajasthan, in the most incredible range of duck egg blues, fuchsia pinks and burnt oranges.  Add in a few lanterns and low seating and I am all in a tizzy…

And just take a look at the furniture and accessories on offer:

Why yes, I do happen to need some pink elephant name card holders…  I wonder if they deliver to Cayman.


  1. annie says:

    Oooh ooh I spy Sezincote in the Cotswolds! Did you put that in for Alastair? Perfect place for a tent from Rajasthan. Have you been there? Sezincote I mean, not Rajasthan. If not check it out, it’s all Indian in the Shire, it’s really cool.

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