A tale of two eras

For a very long time the UK store Sweetpea & Willow has been on my online-ooogling list.  Its mix of ornate whimsical French furnishings and shabby chic accessories honestly had me at hello.  I always think its a tricky business balancing on the ‘tightrope of twee’ when you’re working with this style, but a little Rococo flair can go a long way, especially when designing for women.  Here are my picks of their current offerings.

Why yes, I would happen to like a lime green console in my life…

They have the most outrageously fantastic selection of OTT chaises…

…err, and beds!  How romantische does this one look?!

Or add some bling to bedtime with silverleaf:

Gorgeous range of farmhouse and more ornate dining tables.

And some incredible mirrors – they have the full gamut from understated gems to elaborate rococo beauties like this one:

And do not even get me started on their chandies!  Two of my faves below:

The reason though why I’m blogging about these luscious ladies today is that SP&W have just launched an equally inspiring contemporary furnishings line, Beautiful Modern Thing.  I’ve started to realise that I’m a little pernickety when it comes to modern design.  I’m finding myself drawn to more and more of the classic say Eames chairs, Tulip tables, Arco floor lights, Barcelona chairs etc., but still shy away bigtime from things that are too in-your-face-plasticy-and-gross, so have been delighted with this new scope for inspiration as they have plenty of the former style of furnishings, as follows…

Love this moden take on classic upholstery.

And this side table is le bee’s knees:

A more streamlined bedframe option:

And although I’m actually (contrary to usual form) not 100% enamoured with this dome armchair, the metallic/teak table is making my knees go a smidge wobbly.

Love love love:

I first came across this style of tripod stage light fixture on the Restoration Hardware website, and have been slightly obsessed ever since.  It would be perfection for a little reading nook paired with Chesterfields and a pair of quirky side tables.  [Side note: I had the awesome opportunity to visit my first ever RH store in New Orleans last week and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint…  Alistair has to prise me out of there with a crowbar.  AMAZING.]

And lastly, a more utilitarian slant on the chandie:

So which style are you more drawn to friends?  Are you a shabby chic or quirky modern fan?


  1. annie says:

    hmmm I’m not a fan of french country at all. Although I do like those chandeliers. Tightrope of Twee had me laughing out loud. What a great name for a blog that would be! x

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