Monday’s Masterpiece – cool modernist design

Morning morning!  Apols for the delay posting today – we got back from New Orleans reeeeally late last night and am slightly suffering after 5 consecutive nights of partying…will try my best to achieve coherency (is that an actual word?!) this morning.  Also just realised that we’re getting married 4 months today and have been having a mild panic attack all morning trying to get on top of my planning checklist (still 108 things to do…help me somebody please!).  Anyhoo, I digress…

So I thought that for today’s masterpiece I’d take a look at Kelly Wearstler – ever since we visited The Tides in South Beach, I’ve been meaning to check out the rest of her portfolio.  It seems to be an eclectic bunch of contemporary designs that tend to fall into either the classic midcentury modern bucket, or the, erm, slightly crazy bucket.  I like them both!

So anyway, first up is her Malibu beach house, as featured in Elle Decor, a while back.  I love that she’s restricted the palette to muted taupes, greys and creams, but kept the overall effect super-interesting with all the quirky accessories, finishes, textures and furnishings.  They’re all grounded very effectively by the bleached walnut floors throughout the property, which stops the schemes becoming too busy.  Also, I don’t know what the stone is on the right hand side of this image but me want-y.  Ooh, actually I believe it’s marble fyi – what an unusual colour, love it.

The dramatic minimalism of the foyer creates a fab first impression.

LOVE the juxtaposition of the organic lines of the dining chairs set against the structural dining table and artwork here, and that wall treatment is pretty cool also.


Wowsers, just take a look at this marble-clad dressing room.  There are no words in my head to do this justice!


And I am just blown away by this powder room – do you seeeee the gold sink?!

Next up are my picks of her portfolio:

What an insane foyer!

My eyes just popped out of my head:

LOVE this hanging daybed!

And here are some of her many commercial triumphs – these chairs are INCREDIBLE!  And also the ceiling treatment.  And the oversize pillars.  I could go on… 

Yep, just fell in love with that ceiling fixture…

I’m really having an orange moment right now – all shades, from peach to persimmon, are making me very happy and I can’t get enough of this bedroom setting.

The aforementioned Tides in Miami – these images are making my heart a-flutter all over again:

And lastly, the Viceroy Hotel in Anguilla – not too shabby hey?!

Here are my picks of her tabletop and accessories lines:

Love the bling!  Kelly’s also collaborated with some big name interiors brands – here are her pieces for Pickard:

Schumacher (the trellis prints are making me giddy):

And The Rug Company:

Kelly’s also just dipped her toes into the realm of fashion, with a fun autumn 2011 clothing and accessories line – check it out!

Okeydokes, I’m off to find us some wedding flowers that cost less than $1 mill, wish me luck please…


  1. designchic says:

    What a beautiful way to start my week. I adore Kelly Wearstler, and her restaurant BG in Berdorf’s was a must when we were in NYC recently. It did not disappoint…stunning!!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Ah, I’d love to see that design firsthand, I’ve only been able to check out The Tides so far but have more on my hitlist – it’s good to hear it lives up to the images!

  2. annie says:

    I’m completely in awe of KW, it kinda puts me off as I’ll never been as good as her! She’s just amazing with colour. She uses stacks of my favourite colour, orange, quite unusual really.

    Your holiday sounds amazing, photos please….?

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