Meandering moodboards…

Alrighty, so as you read this I shall be exploring Louisiana on the back of a Harley (don’t worry Mum, they’re slow…) – eeee, can’t wait! – so I thought for the rest of the week I’d do a few here’s-one-I-made-earlier posts on what I’ve been up to recently.

First up are the results of me TOTALLY dorking out a while back and putting together two wedding moodboards.  When we were doing the initial planning I was having such a hard time trying to narrow down all the possible styles we could do (see ‘Weddings’ page) so in the end I decided to cheat and do two!

So we’re doing a rustic-themed ceremony on the beach:

(credits: Martha Stewart Weddings, Oh so beautiful paper, Ebay, This is Glamourous, Polyvore, Pinterest,, Dinosaur Designs, Ritzy Bee) 

And then a Moroccan-themed reception with about 4 million lanterns:

(credits: Canlas Photography, Etsy, Rebecca Thus, Pinterest, The Knotty Bride, Grey Goose, Ariella Chezar, Style Me Pretty, Google) 

Hope you like them!


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