And yes we’re still in Africa…

Ok, last Africa-related post today, promise!

You may have realised by now that I’m slightly more than a smidge enamoured with all things Moroccan, I mean we’re even having a Moroccan-themed wedding which I’m currently using as a means of procrastination working very hard on!  So I figured it would be good to zoom up to the other end of the continent today and check out another luxe hotel, this time of the Moroccan persuasion.

Le Palais Rhoul is absolutely BONKERS.  It has to be the most elaborately decorated hotel I’ve ever set (virtual) eyes on and is just absolute perfection, just check it out.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING!  Can you imagine staying here, even for just one night?!  This looks like one of their ‘tent rooms’, they have a bunch of luxury tents set in the gardens of the hotel – how much fun does that sound?!  Kinda like glamping but better…

Another incredible bathroom – that hairdryer ruins the vignette somewhat, ha.

Just LOOK at this courtyard area!  It could not be more exotic and alluring.

Ditto this cute little snug:

Ditto (check out the engraving!!!!!!!):

Loving the luxe upholstered chaise against the structural carved wooden screen here:

Hellllo lanterns!

Oh man, this is exhausting!

And for la pièce de résistance, the most insanely amazing pool cabanas you’ve ever seen!

Hmm, wonder if Ali would be down with a honeymoon in Morocco…although with the eye-watering prices it is unlikely we will be frequenting this palace any time soon!

But we don’t have to be bazilionnaires to be able to surround ourselves with Moroccan magic – check out my shopping guide to creating your own candlelit bazaar.

Moroccan Magic

Moroccan Magic by caribbeanliving


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