Monday’s Masterpiece – African antics

I made the most fantastic discovery over the weekend: the genius that is John Jacob.  This South African-based designer manages to blend the perfect amount of chic sophistication with a raw rustic vibe, to create more masterpieces than you can shake a stick at – think luxury bathtub paired with African jute baskets, light-filled fresh all-white schemes spiced up with zebra hides and an animal skull or two, traditional chandies and furnishings with on trend contemporary concave mirrors and punchy oversize stripes.

Here are my faves!

This design is perfection, that is all there is to say…

LOVE the bamboo ladder and jute baskets here!

Ditto the quirky straw hats (?) and antlers here:

This series of mini gallery walls is le bee’s knees:

Oooh, and how’s this for an outdoors bathroom??  Love how you can achieve privacy if you want to or alternatively be all outdoors nudey-bums – genius!  If you’re feeling inspired, check out my round up of ourdoors showers here!

This is more neutral than his usual fare, but I guess the master bedroom’s a good place to inject a little more calm.  Love all the tufted detail:

Exquisite vignette!

And this black and white themed property is AMAZING!  I’m not usually a fan of such a monochrome scheme, but the stripes, floor tiles and unexpected black surfaces keep the design interesting.

Do you SEE this cabinetry???!

And I’m really enamoured with this space-saving design – he’s really made the most of a smaller bedroom here.  It also proves that black walls don’t have to be overbearing and dull if you have enough light, and include the right level of white in the scheme.

Oh, to be living in this house, le sigh!

Love me a good vintage clock face or two:

And this vaulted ceiling is to die for – it’s interesting how John’s divided the space into different ‘rooms’ here:

And lastly, yeh I can pretty much see myself hanging out here with a nice glass of vino (or two) – hellllllo blissful pool:

Wowsers, I feel a smidge emotionally drained after all that.

Here are my picks of his products:

I’m slightly obsessing over this butlers tray – anything with crocodile printed leather tends to make me slightly weak at the knees…

Well I don’t know about you guys but I think I’ve found me a new designer crush!


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