Al fresco bathing

So Ali has been honing his DIY skills recently – a few weeks ago he rigged us up an outdoor shower on our terrace, which is fab at night time under the stars but considerably less great in the morning when 3 or 4 cruise ships are moored up directly in front of our terrace.  His interest in gardening has taken a decided upswing since the health of our foliage/shower screen became critical to the success of the shower – I’m still pretty sure he’s going to get arrested one of these days…

Anyhoo, so when we have our very own place one day, I think that high up on his list of requirements will be something similar, if a smidge more luxurious, so I thought I’d go on the hunt for some inspiration.  I don’t have no truck with using horrible modern plastics or chrome, this trend is all about natural slates, pebbles, aromatic woods, bamboos, brickwork, rattan, maybe with a cast iron tub and shell chandie…

Feast your peepers and let me know what you think!

(credits: Erin Ever After, Interior Design Pro, Coastal Living, Trendir, House Design 4u, Apartment Therapy, Home Interior Design, Remodelista)


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