Monday’s Masterpiece – boutique hotel perfection

Ali was  over in le Brac climbing with the guys this weekend, so I had me a great weekend of catching up with the girls, skyping my butt off, and made the most of being able to catch up on shedloads of coursework without the distractions of one hyperactive boyfriend.  Any temptation to sack off working in favour of the beach was killed by about 17 thunderstorms which kept the island flooded for the duration of the weekend and reminded me a helluva lot of the English weather!

So anyway, the fake ‘clients’ of the project I’m working on right now love the design of the Hotel Endsleigh in ol’Blighty, so I thought in honour of the rubbish weather we’re suffering right now, I’d do a post on some cute snuggly boutique hotels back home.  The designer of the Hotel Endsleigh is Olga Polizzi, whose father, Lord Forte, was a mega-hotelier who created a worldwide empire of hotels and restaurants from virtually nothing (or so says Wikipedia).  Olga is now the Design Director of the Rocco Forte Collection of luxury hotels around the world (dream job, hey?!), and her daughter Alex runs the Hotel Endsleigh.

It’s a classic rural English affair with velvets aplenty, cast iron bathtubs and a wood-panelled library, but spiced up by more quirky elements such as chinoiserie-bedecked walls and contemporary striped fabrics.

Wow, this image just gave me a pang for England…really miss old architecture etc over here.

It looks as if the communal rooms are linked up all higgledy-piggledy – love that concept, as it allows you to play around with sightlines and to what extent the different spaces should blend/contrast.

What a gorgeous spot to wake up!

And the traditional bathrooms are spot on:

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some chinoiserie – it’s fantastic paired with the trad velvet chaise and upholstered headboard (although I reckon I would have picked a different colour for the latter).

Three of my favourite things: cast iron tub + monogrammed towels/linens + wooden floorboards = perfection.

Next up is the gorgeous Hotel Tresanton, in Cornwall.  Now I am pretty much in love with Cornwall, so any boutique-y hotel situated there is likely to get me into even more of a tizzy than normal.  Has anyone ever visited the Isles of Scilly?!  (Ha, I can hear Alistair groaning as he reads this).  I am slightly obsessed with the Scilly Isles, we used to go visit every year when we were kids and they were the best hols EVER – crab hunting, sandcastle constructing, cream tea gobbling, gig boat racing galore.  My pa used to visit with his parents when he was a littl’un and I think I would like to continue the tradition if we ever move back to Blighty (although that would obviously involve dropping some sprogs, which I’m nowhere near ready to comtemplate for the next 25 years or so, but I digress…).  Basically, go visit the Isles of Scilly, they’re beautiful and fun.

So back to the hotel.  This one has a relaxed beachy feel to it, with plenty of Cornish antiques and stripy nautical fabrics.

Not a bad spot for a drinky!

Love the more contemporary furnishings she used here, those armchairs are fantastic.

Easy and breezy, awesome beadboarding:

And the rooms are just ‘comfortable and nice’ – not stuffy and avant-garde or whatever, just nice and pleasant places to rest your head:

And last but certainly not least, is Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, London.  I LOVE this place – have never stayed there but we took my Mum for afternoon tea a while ago and it was simply amazing.

Again, there’s the English rural-style fabrics and furnishings, but with an updated twist.

Alistair would love this little bar – hmm, maybe we should pop in for a pitstop mid-Christmas shop this year…

Yep, they’re as scrumptious as they look:

The perfect tutorial on trad/contemporary eclectic furnishings (although I’m not feeling those curtains…):

Love the nailhead trim detail on the headboard, and that window seat is divine:

I may have also got slightly distracted with a holiday-fantasy centred around the Hotel Assoufid in Marrakech, part of the Rocco Forte Collection and due to open in 2012.  Check out this sneaky peek of what’s in store:

Errrr, hello crazy-amazing design:

Sch-wiiiiing.  I would like to go there one day please?


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