Flowers Friday – let’s get vertical

Good morning and a very Happy Friday peeps!

I’ve been thinking a little recently about city gardens and terraces, and about how to use space-saving tricks to really make the most out of every square inch you have.  One such (genius) idea is the concept of vertical gardens, which are essentially ‘walls’ of greenery, herbs, succulents, flowers or what have you.  One chap who’s pioneering this new trend is Michael Hellgren, a Swedish landscape designer who works all over the world creating these luscious creations, both indoors and outdoors.

Love this one!

Cool, huh?  But we don’t need to have a few spare thou burning a hole in our pocket to be able to achieve something similar (albeit on a slightly smaller scale, granted…).

 Try it with herbs:

Or some colourful blooms:

Design*Sponge recently featured a fab DIY project, turning an old worthless pallet into a gorgeous rustic vibrant garden – love the use of succulents!

Try a reclaimed gutter:

Some pipework:

Or, for a smaller time investment, just stick some compost in a shoe holder!

(credits: Green Upgrader, Design Squish, Low Impact Living, Design*Sponge)

I spy a weekend DIY project in the making…


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