Cayman inspiration: zebra with a twist…

So we realised last weekend that we hadn’t been out snorkelling for a while – it’s crazy living here, you just start taking the beach and the ocean for granted, we definitely need to make an effort to appreciate it more.  Anyhoo, so we went snorkelling out the front of our place on Sunday and saw about a million of these little yellow/black striped sergeant major fish.  They get very territorial and tend to swarm you when you get too close – not particularly scary as they are about 10cms long, but at one point I turned around and saw Ali surrounded by literally about 300 of them, it looked pretty amazing, especially set against the bright blue of the ocean.


So anyway, it got me thinking about the killer vibrant combo of yellow and black in interior design, and in particular the bedroom designed by Jamie Drake, that I was going on about the other week:

Zebra print seems to show up in a lot of the yellow/black schemes out there, which of course I hate.  I think I’d cover pretty much anything in this gorgeous zingy print if I could – I’d better find a good source for faux zebra hides or the eco-systems of several African countries may never be the same again once I start interior design-ing for real…  Oh wait, actually, they’re not real zebras right?!  Anyway, I digress, here are some other beaut’s:

(credits: Elle Decor, Pinterest, Ivory & Aubergine, Patricia Gray, House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, Abigail Ahern, Houzz)


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