Monday’s Masterpiece – Bonkers in Miami

So I promised last week to do a post on the slightly seemingly-insane-but-also-totally-awesome work of Marcel Wanders, who designed The Mondrian hotel where we stayed the other weekend when we in Miami.

If I’m honest, I don’t really know where to begin in describing this crazy place!  I do love its design but am generally not a big fan of ultra-modern stuff, so don’t really even have the correct vocabulary in my head I suspect.  But here goes, let’s try…

Our room was a cool mix of modern graphic prints and sleek contemporary lines, and more traditional furnishings with ornate flourishes and crystals.

This girl’s face is all over the hotel – I can’t decide if it’s kinda cool or kinda freaky…

Portuguese azulejos-style tile work + elaborate light fixture gives an eclectic feel to the kitchenette.

And yep, this is a crystal light fixture shower head.  Pretty cool if you ask me…

Another of the rooms, complete with crazy-girl-head.

And now downstairs to the lobby, where the design really kicks up a notch.  I became slightly obsessed with the oversize pillars and bell-domed chandies. 

This ornate staircase provides the perfect pop of whimsy against the white background:

LOVE these chandies – they have six of them at the entrance to the hotel also, what a first impression!

And the outdoors pool area is pure fantasy, with large foliage-covered cabana areas:

…bars that look like they’re modelled on a frilly lamp shade:

…ornately decorated sheer-fronted 20 foot tall cabanas:

…and fantastic views over downtown Miami:

(credits: Design Boom)

All in all, one incredible wonderland of modernist hotel design which will be kept locked away in my head for future reference!

Marcel’s portfolio ranges from other high end hotels to private residences and restaurants, stores and office space the world over.  Here are some of my faves:

And here are my picks of his multiple product lines:

Haha, and I’m obviously interested solely in the aesthetic qualities of the chairs in this image…




Feeling inspired to go a little wacky?!


  1. annie says:

    I’m actually speechless. I’m not sure I like any of it! and what’s with that jolly yellow giant? Where’s the weird typhoon shaped hotel? That’s like something from the 25th Century!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Haha I know, I don’t think I really ‘like’ it as such, more ‘admire the craziness’! I figure it’s got to be good to spend some time with design that takes you out of your comfort zone, but do also agree with you! The hotel’s in Mexico City, loco huh?!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Hi! I agree, the whole place is pretty light and whimsical – there’s something very fairytale-like in the oversize columns and poolside decor. Thanks for visiting, hope you’re having a great day too!

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