Flowers Friday – the secret garden

I thought that for today’s Flowers Friday I’d post about the awesome Grove gardens at Miami’s W Hotel.  We escaped the crowds and heat of the day there the other weekend, and found a lush landscaped oasis of peace and quiet, complete with fun upholstered benches and rocking chairs, oversize Chinese urns and bright blue birdcage lanterns swinging from the sea grape trees.  Yes you heard correctly, LANTEEEEEERNS.  I think I need some kind of 12 step programme to quit my lantern addiction, I received a very cross email from my Mum the other day telling me they now had enough lanterns sat in their garage for Chinese New Year – it may be time to stop buying wedding décor…   

Anyway, I digress, back to the gardens.  One day when we’re all grown up and have our own little garden, I’d love to do something similar, and turn it into a few different areas with a different theme in each one. 



They’re said to be modelled on the Jardin De La Fontaine in Nîmes, France, which is also pretty worthy of a squiz this Friday morning:



Looks like a cool place to visit, will save that up for when we’re old.  Have a fab weekend everyone, see y’all next week!

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