Hanging pretty – part 2

Good morning and welcome back to part two of my gallery wall inspiration post!  I thought today we’d look at a collection of more quirky higgledy piggledy arrangements, hope you see something you like the look of!

This is such a simple yet chic way to dress up an empty wall in an existing room, without worrying about clashing colours etc.

Love the range of sizes and shapes here.

And this pink/gold pairing is inspired!

Displaying vintage fabrics would look cute in a cottage or beach house:

And these turtle shells give a glam vibe to this all white scheme (and before you start thinking I’m an unethical MONSTER, they’re actually farmed here in Cayman for their meat and are not endangered whatsoever…that told you!):

I am going GAGA over this cute quirky collection of objets, and the deep blue background pulls them together to perfection!

Ditto this fresh coral coloured vignette – perfect for a house by the sea!

This one is just bonkers!  The faux stag head pulls it all together nicely, but I am *hearting* the randomness of it:

I’ve seen this image quite a few times over the last 18 months or so, and every time I come across it I become transfixed!  There’s something about the striped wallpaper, concave mirror and black silhouette combo that gets me every time.

Angie Hranowsky’s interpretation of le gallery wall – love the pictures leaning against the base of the wall, nice touch.

And the layering of picture frames here is pretty genius:

One of the more unusual collections today (loving the birdcage and antiqued mirror):

And is this not totally ruddy genius?!  So often I find myself hoarding a particularly beautiful shopping bag (well, at least I did when I lived in London and was actually able to go shopping without having to stump up the airfare…), this is a fab idea I reckon.

Totally in love with this entire vignette:

And although I think a collection of solely window frames would be a smidge dull, I do like the idea of incorporating one into a gallery wall:

Finally, is this not the cutest idea for a kiddie’s room?! I DIE!

(credits: House of Turquoise, House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Domino)

So I thought I’d also give a few pointers to keep in mind when setting up your own gallery of creativity:

1. Decide if you want the overall effect to be quite structured (like the images I shared yesterday) or more fluid and all over the place.  If you opt for the former, keep in mind where the ‘border’ of the collection should be.

2. Again, depending on how quirky you want to go, consider using a mix of black and white/coloured photos, graphic angular images, softer watercolours, prints, textural original paintings, family portraits, and then add in your ‘quirkies’ such as framed shells or pieces of jewellery, mini sculptures, metal figurines, Mexican tin art, empty frames, mirrors, I could go on…

3. Consider what area you want to cover – think about going the whole way to the ceiling or floor, for maximum impact.

4. If you have lots of different colours, shapes, mediums etc., think about framing them all in a similar colour (black, white, natural wood stain) or style (contemporary, ornate and traditional) to bring the collection together aesthetically.

5. And WHATEVER YOU DO, make sure you have a go at arranging the collection on the floor to get it looking how you intended before starting to bang nails in your walls!  If you don’t things will likely go totally pear shaped before you can say ‘Swiss Cheese’!

Hope this helped provide some inspiration, make sure you leave a comment with any queries or other ideas!


  1. Rob Cooper says:

    Love it smelly! As you know, I’m probably more likely to opt for yesterday’s more structured approach with some black and white photos….need to get snapping! Keep up the good work, love the daily dose!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Haha, nobody has called me ‘Smelly’ in such a long time! Glad you liked the pics Roberto, you must have plenty of gallery wall ammunition already Mr Snap-Happy, no? Let me know if you decide to go for it, would love to see the results!

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