Monday’s Masterpiece – shabby chic oogling

I wrote last week about the British online boutique Pale & Interesting run by hubby and wife team Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote, two hugely successful interior designers/stylists (aka. a pair of freaking geniuses!).  I was captivated by their respective websites for around, oh I’d say…..5 hours(!) and thought I’d take a closer look for today’s Masterpiece.

So first up we have furniture and interiors designer Dave ( – link function STILL NOT WORKING), who as well as putting together quirky textural design schemes, has more recently turned his hand to renovating/creating rustic cabins (which are also le bee’s knees).  He uses reclaimed materials wherever possible and manages to create the perfect blend of glam + rustic. 

Here are my fave rooms from his portfolio.  I’m DYING over this duck egg blue fireplace paired with the rich browns/reds – and those antlers are perfection!

Quirky gallery of mirrors vignette in the hallway?!  Tick:

 And this is one genius way of dealing with a bricked up fireplace, love it:

Apart from the property above, there seems to be a huge emphasis on shabby chic furnishings, all white décor and, my fave, white distressed painted floorboards, yeeha!

What a dreamy kitchen, seeing this makes me want to up sticks and move to the Cotswolds a-sap!

And here are some images of the cabins Dave has designed:

Love this screen-as-headboard idea! 

 And here are some of Dave’s furniture designs:

Okeydoke, so next up is the other half of this designer team, Atlanta Bartlett ( – she appears to focus more on interiors styling, and has some very impressive credentials to her name.   Atlanta seems to also have a bit of a soft spot for the shabby chic aesthetic, but also adds more bright bold colour to the mix and uses more chandies than you can shake a stick at.

LOVE this simple sleek affair:

And these billowing bold drapes paired with that GORGEOUS chandie are making me go slightly gaga…

Incredible al fresco tablescape:

She also has a range of china for the Big Tomato Company (, love the whimsical nature designs!

Ok, if anyone needs me today I suspect I’ll mostly be dreaming of shabby chic Cotswolds farmhouses…

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