Affordable ikat?

So one thing I’ve found out during all this wedding planning is that it is not necessary to spend $3 million/yard to acquire some luuurvely ikat fabric (I’m looking at you Madeline!).  I thought I’d share these sources with you folks – think they’re all based in the States but a few do ship over the pond.

So first up is the fantaaaastic Calico Corners (ergh, when are WordPress going to sort out the link function already!) – an enormous range of fabrics at really reasonable prices gets a thumbs up from me!

Ok, this one’s not an ikat but look how AMOOZING it is!

Next up is Harts Fabric, with a couple of indigo/aqua beauts:

And a slightly more sober offering from

Oooh, but these are fun!

Spoonflower have a bunch of bright contemporary prints:

And you can also design your own, which is what I’m hopefully doing for le wedding – just waiting for the sample swatch to be delivered, am really excited to see it!

Next up, the Chipper collection by Premier Fabrics is an interesting take on the classic circular ikat design:

Oooh, I lied, Textile Techniques is situated in the UK, and have some gorgeous looking more muted ikats:

And last but not least, I’ve also recently stumbled across John Robshaw textiles which, although I suspect are not cheap as chips (and are also not strictly ikats, so therefore completely irrelevant to this post…), happen to be totally blow-your-mind beautiful:

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