Monday’s Masterpiece – fuchsia, lime, teal and canary, oh and a little zebra on top!

Morning morning!  Sorry for the delay today folks, I’ve been catching up on about 3 bazillion unread emails after going away for le weekend, while simultaneously trying to finish up a magazine article… 

So I thought that for today’s masterpiece, we’d look at the wonderfully colourful work of the New York-based Jamie Drake, as requested by my new bloggy friend Annie (of Insideology fame – not sure why my link function has decided not to work today, please google ‘Insideology’!).  Anyhoo, I’ve been gazing slackjawed at his portfolio for the last two hours, and I have a sneaky suspicion the same affliction may impact you once you read on, so beware you may not get much work done today…

First up, here’s a fun and quirky home Jamie designed for an art loving couple in Manhattan, as featured in Elle Decor.  He used a palette of blues to create the impression of living high up in the clouds (which is, I believe, precisely where the apartment is), and added pops of accent colours for added impact.

I think it’s very effective keeping the walls and window treatments fairly neutral, but adding big time PING with the furnishings and accessories.  Loving this ornate fuchsia/gilt armchair, although I suspect I would not be able to sneak anything similar under Alistair’s nose unfortunately…  

Not so sure about the dining room – I’m totally obsessing over the white lacquer dining chairs and blue accessories paired with the tangerine walls, but would stop short of adding the crazy paintings personally.  Ooh, love the chandie too!

A slightly more sedate den is brought to life with blingy table lamps and a refreshing contemporary orange leather on the Jacobean chair. 

The lavender hues in the master bedroom/bathroom are simply divine, especially paired with the coral accents and lucite flourishes.  This is a suite which is instantly calming and serene, yet also punchy and contemporary, LOVE.

And checkity check out this lucite stool and monogrammed towels – perfection!

Next up Jamie tackles a totally different green-centric palette, with layers of olive-y/moss-y/kelly green all topped off with various accent colours.  The living room is a cool collection of traditional pieces and more contemporary fare.  Love the tufted side chairs, hate the rug!

Love the sculptural dining chairs and chandie, hate the artwork!

Love the painted ceilings in the bedrooms, really draws the eye up and makes them appear higher.  The quirky chair here is gorge too!

The raffia wallovering has the most beautiful texture to it.  And I am going gaga for these Moroccan brass tables right now.

This room is so Lilly Pulitzer!  I actually think it’s a little too saccharine for me – would maybe use a more neutral wallpaper or a more punchy one.  But the upholstered chair and bed frame are to die for.

And here are my picks of his portfolio…

Do you seeeeee this walk in wardrobe?!

I’ve been in love with this scheme forever, but had no idea who it was by before today – holy moly I need a zebra headboard in my life!!

And here are my picks of Jamie’s product lines – can’t take my eyes off these contemporary upholstered shapes:

Alrighty, feeling inspired to insert a hot pink TV cabinet into my current project, whether it fits the bill or not!!


  1. annie says:

    Ah I love it! And thank you for the shout-out I feel very honoured.
    I love Jamie Drake, he’s bonkers. And presumably gay.
    My favourite is the last one, I love the leather wallpaper and how the greens zing it up x

    • Elly Hails says:

      Ditto, I never thought I’d hear myself think this but I do prefer the more toned down schemes – and I have a HUGE softspot for leather wallpaper, have been meaning to look into sourcing it for a while.

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