All eyes up – part 2

Morning morning and welcome back to part 2 of my ceiling treatments round up, let’s get straight back to it! 

8. Plaster moulding ceiling – these are another way of injecting a subtle layer to a scheme without detracting from the remainder of it.  They’re usually combined with pretty traditional décor but I think they can also look fab presiding over a more contemporary scheme (see pic. 2). 

9. Metal ceiling treatment – now these really do add oomph to a room.  Whether they’re wavy curves or straight up beams, an injection of industrial chic goes a long way!

Alternatively, opt for a pressed tin ceiling, which were the fashionable way of imitating moulded plaster ceilings in the States way back when, and are enjoying a mini renaissance right now (see here for more info!)

And check out this insane architectural detailing:

10. Honeycomb ceiling treatment – a chic and structural way to add depth to a room, would look fab painted white also. 

11. ‘Crazy’ ceiling treatment – nothing really to be said about these!

12. Ethnic ceiling treatment – and yep, I’m slightly attracted to these two, how did you know…?! 

LOVE the idea of creating sculptural shadows like this:

13. Exposed brick ceiling treatment – my heart always starts a-fluttering when I spy exposed brickwork, and this is no exception.  Love the contrast with the chandie too!

14. Fabric-covered ceiling – annoyingly I seem to only be able to source images of terrible interior design schemes with fabric-upholstered ceilings.  I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of better ones before, these two are just dreadful, but I guess they get the point across.

You could achieve a very similar effect by wallpapering the ceiling, a la Angie Hranowsky, and I suspect this would actually be easier and more economical also:

Or another option is to use draped fabrics to achieve a warm cocooning effect.  This seems to be very popular in nurseries, which I guess makes sense:


Love the drama injected by the scale of these draped panels!

I felt I had to include this next image for 3 reasons:

a. Its grotesque-ness is quite sublime;

b. I wanted to point out that if the colouring and scheme were totally different, these layers of draping could be quite cool; and

c. I love the chandie!

Ergh, it is AWFUL!  (In my humble opinion).

(credits: Elle Decor, Houzz, Patricia Gray, Little Crown Interiors, Athalia Sovie)

So which type of ceiling treatment was your fave?  I think I’m going to try to incorporate one of these puppies into the city loft I’m designing right now – maybe the pressed tin or exposed brick treatments, or maybe a chinoiserie wallpaper covered ceiling in the bedroom, hmm we shall see…


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