All eyes up – part 1

One interior design idea that’s been piquing my interest recently is the concept of ceiling treatments.  We spend so much time agonising over floorboards vs. sisal, or lacquer paint vs. wallpaper, but how many of us ever really consider the third dimension to any room?  Ceiling treatments are so unexpected that just a very simple design can really add impact, or you could go overboard and totally transform a space by incorporating a very dramatic treatment.

Anyway, here’s part 1 of my round up of different ideas, hope you enjoy!

1. Lacquered ceilings – these are my fave type I think, especially this bold blingy gold example.  By keeping the rest of the room fairly neutral, the ceiling takes centre stage without seeming too OTT. 

2. Painted ceilings – whether it’s a bold block colour or contemporary design such as stripes, these puppies are also rocking my socks.

3. Coffered ceilings – these give a much more traditional vibe to a space.

This all-white jobby really adds ping without drawing too much attention to itself.

4. Beamed ceilings – whether you opt for coloured contemporary beams or the more traditional option, this is an easy way to inject a modern/rustic (respectively) vibe to any space.

I am totally obsessing over these rustic beams + contemporary furnishings – I wonder how I could get my mitts on a barn in need of redesigning…

I guess this one isn’t strictly ‘beams’ but I love the mix of natural wood with industrial metal.

5. Mural / fresco ceilings -I’m not a massive fan of these options to be honest, although I guess I wouldn’t turn my nose up at the ornate ancient fresco in the third piccie…

I do love the use of different style birdcages here:

6. Medallion ceilings – whether you opt for the traditional circular rosette, a more contemporary design, or a totally off-the-wall-random-gold-sunburst-mirror (LOVE IT!), this is a fab way of adding a focal point to any space!

This is just totally freaking genius!

7. Beadboard ceilings – the last treatment for today, beadboard ceilings add an instant cottage-y / coastal vibe to any room, and I particularly love them in the kitchen.

(credits: Elle Decor, Costal Living, Patricia Gray, Veranda, Houzz)

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for part 2, there are some corkers on the way!


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