Arabian Nights Tablescape

I’ve been behaving like a bit of a lunatic for the last couple of weeks, trying to sort out the last few important details of our wedding while stressing out way too much re: bridesmaids’ dresses (sorry ladies!) and repeatedly getting sidetracked-for-like-4-hours gazing at exotic quirky Moroccan lanterns and the like…

But I am very pleased to announce that we’re finally getting there now, and that I’ve just made the first five purchases of our wedding décor!  Very exciting indeed, I’m actually hopping around on my chair as I write this.  So we decided to go with an Arabian Nights theme (and, um, when I say ‘we’ I actually obviously mean ‘I’ – but Ali does love the idea also) a la Rue magazine (who somehow managed to look inside my head and recreate to perfection what I had been plotting for a while).

Now sadly I’ve had to give up the burnt gold look that I’ve been lusting after as I just can’t source gold flatware or nice gold chargers on island (and purchasing 90 sets of flatware and plates may be going ever so slightly OTT…) – there’s another business opportunity, who would not want gold flatware at their wedding, I ask you?!

But instead I have wholeheartedly embraced the antiqued silver Moroccan lanterns, platters and flower bowls/crisp white linens with indigo ikat tablerunners/mercury silver tealight holders and vases/bright warm orange and fuchsia flower arrangements vibe and have spent a LONG time on t’internet searching out the best deals on both sides of the pond.  Finding silver Moroccan lanterns is tricky people – there are plenty of brass and dark iron ones out there but the metallic silver nickel puppies are slim pickings.  This look actually complements the venue, Osetra Bay, better as they already have gorgeous silver chargers, flatware etc.  

So anyway, here’s what I’ve come up with, let me know what you think!  It’s deffo still a work in progress but is shaping up nicely.  Oh yeh, and that’s not the fabric we’re using, the ikat beauty does not display properly on Polyvore annoyingly…

Arabian Nights Wedding

Arabian Nights Wedding by caribbeanliving

Whited Unscented Pillar Set
$11 –

Ikea Glimma
$1.99 –

Silver Hanging T-light Holder
3.95 –

Christofle “Drop” Flatware
$605 –

Metallic vase

Pink Ranunculus Flower

PS. Le Souk has a sale on right now – you can pick up a couple of the Moroccan engraved platters for a steal!


  1. annie says:

    beautiful, I love it! and was just thinking how nice the ikat fabric was. oh well! are you getting married soon then? I guess so! When is it? And hope we’re going to see a post about it afterwards. I’m wondering where one goes on holiday when one already lives in a honeymoon destination?

    • Elly Hails says:

      Thanks for the second opinion Annie! I’ve actually designed my own ikat to use, am waiting to see what a sample looks like right now, hope it’s good!

      Yeh, we’re getting married here next February, and I shall definitely be posting about it! Haha, a few people have said that about our honeymoon…we’re thinking of moving to Asia after getting married, so might take some time to travel around Indonesia or something – to be confirmed still!

      Thanks again!

      • annie says:

        Wow that’s so cool, I’m in awe. Can’t believe you’re designing your own ikat! Can’t wait to see it.

        Ah you’re so glam. Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see a ton of photos. Good luck in Miami! x

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