What are the chances?!

VERY VERY VEEEEEEERY excited about our upcoming weekend in Miami!!  We always use the can’t-decide-if-it’s-more-bargainous-or-genius-but-it-is-certainly-both-! name your own price option on Priceline whenever we visit the States, and just managed to get an insane deal on the Mondrian Hotel.

wrote about it a few months back and can’t believe the random hotel lucky dip has landed us there – stay tuned for a full design review in a few weeks, whoop whoop.



  1. annie says:

    Woweee jealous! Looks awesome. And that Bali one, how beautiful is that view? Unbelieveable. R and I have been talking about going to St Lucia and so I’ve sent your post to him and put in a request for that hotel (fat chance) x

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