Pretty as a peacock

So ever since I posted about fabulous foyers the other week, I haven’t been able to get this image out of my head:

The GORGEOUS peacock mirror paired with the colourful ethnic cabinet just takes my breath away every single time I see it.  This new obsession was then further exacerbated when I saw Michelle Nussbaumer’s mindblowing take on this accessory:

So naturally I thought I’d go on the hunt for some more piccies to oogle, check these out!

Now unfortunately for all of us non-squillionnaires in the world, like so many of the best interior trends these puppies do not come cheap!  The original version from Wisteria will set you back $2,399:


Gah, I shall have one on my wall one day!!!

Mecox Gardens has another pricey, more bronze-y version:

While Restoration Hardware and Made Goods have two slightly more affordabe options:

And if you happen to live in South Africa, I’ve also stumbled across Weylandts’ offering:

Pier1 used to stock a bargainous $250 take on the piece (which I think is the version in the first foyer photo above) which – for some inexplicable reason, they must have been selling them by the thousands – they no longer have.  Does anyone have any ideas for sourcing one of these beauts on the cheap…?


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