All things bright and beautiful

So I’ve already overly gushed about the latest issue of Rue magazine on this blog, but I wanted to mention another of their features today: the Amsterdam studio of artist Mariska Meijers.  I’ve fallen head over heels for her bold colourful contemporary artwork, and thought it would perfect for the Caribbean – check it out:

Quote of the day:

Love it!!  Also LOVE the décor of her studio:

What a fantastic place to work every day!  Make sure you check out her fun paintings too.

All these colours just brought to mind Anna Spiro’s (of Absoloutely Beautiful Things blog fame) new online venture:

I think the idea behind it is to create a new vignette every season from fun and interesting furnishings, and then sell them to us punters by the bucketload (which I’m sure they’ll do!), check it out!  Particularly enamoured with the heavy dose of otomí  fabrics:

Happy shopping!


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