Cayman Inspiration: storm’s a’brewing

So summer here in Cayman is a pretty odd time of year.  Most of the time the humidity and heat are off the charts high, and make you just want to sit in the sea all day long, but one great side effect is that we get a constant stream of awesome thunderstorms rolling in.  The last three nights in a row, I’ve been woken up by a huge crack of thunder just over our heads which isn’t ideal, but last weekend we were sat out on our terrace watching four different thunder storms rippling across the sea on the horizon, it was pretty spectacular. 

(National Geographic)

Anyway, so it got me thinking about all things black and white in interior design, and about how the contrast between them introduces an instant ping to any scheme.  Here are a few ideas:

Lightning flash

Lightning flash by Caribbean Living

$1,849 –

Harry Allen My Brother’s Frame
$250 –

Kenya Oval Lamp
$275 –

Saarinen Tables
$1,999 –

Bordeaux Coffee Table
$899 –


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