Flowers Friday – Coveting New Covent Garden Market…

Guess how much a single rose stem costs at the florists here in Cayman – I’ll give you 3 goes, aim high.  $2?  Nope, higher.  $4?  Nope, higher.  Surely not more than $6 for one rose?!  Yup, 6.25 of your Cayman Islands dollars.  I’m not kidding, it’s INSANE!!!!!!!

I’m seriously considering setting up my own flower import business – there is money to be made here from the people not willing to spend the equvalent of a weekend away on a bouquet of flowers.

So this got me thinking about the awesome New Covent Garden Market in London where you can buy wholesale fleurs for cheap cheap cheap!  I love the idea of putting together my own bouquets and centrepieces for the wedding – if we were getting married back in Blighty I would be at this market before you could say ‘bright pink ranunculus’!

(photos courtesy of Oliver Knight Photography and New Covent Garden Market)

Is anyone else daydreaming of swimming in a sea of David Austin roses, or is that just me?!

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