Cayman inspiration: silversides bling

Last weekend was silversides season on our front lawn.  We went freediving with thousands upon thousands of these eeny weeny silver fish in the caves and swim-throughs in the ocean in front of our home, and it was INSANE!  Imagine being so surrounded by these little things that you don’t see the huge lurking tarpon fish until they’re 6cm away from your nose, it’s bonkers!

(credits: Geographic)

So anyway, this got me pondering the beauty of all things silver, metallic and generally blingy, and I thought I’d pull together a few furnishings in this theme…

Silversides Bling

Silversides Bling by Caribbean Living on


  1. Sten says:

    I have no words! As it is beautiful!
    Never engaged in diving, but watching these pictures … I changed my mind))

    I think you experienced an unforgettable experience!

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