Study schmudy – nearly there now…

I am nearly there – 5 sections down, one to go!  I am so excited about finishing my course and actually being able to start working again, starting to go a leeetle beet loopy over here…

So I did most of the work for these while I was still in Cayman but had a ‘few things’ I had to finish off back in the UK before submitting them – my usual dire time management skills kicked in yet again and I was left armed with the sum total of two hours kip when boarding my UK/Cayman 12 hour how-am-I-sat-in-the-middle-of-so-many-screaming-babies flight from hell – note to self: next time do not spill a cup of tea all over your coursework 24 hours before your deadline…

These are absolutely dreadful photos, sorry – it was literally 4.30am by this point and I was losing the will to live.

So first up are the flooring and wall treatments for a commercial development of shops – I thought having the options of slate tiling and faux-slate vinyl flooring would give the developer the flexibility to tailor the finish to each outlet (ie. high end shops with slate, supermarket with vinyl etc.):

Next up is a home cinema I designed, which was required to fit into the existing entertaining space in the home.  Here’s the plan – check out the in-ceiling speakers, pretty snazzy if I do say so myself…  And I am a little obsessed with the contemporary sofas:

 Sampleboard – eugh, disastrous pic!

Equipment board:

And working drawings of the storage unit to hide away the TV etc., finished in patinated aluminium cladding, to help the area fit in with the heavy emphasis on glass/metal in the kitchen:

Next up are three collections of accessories for different tpes of properties – low cost family home, retirement apartment and executive space for young professionals:


And finally three flooring designs in tiles, carpet and linoleum sheeting:


  1. annie says:

    Wow your boards look amazing, that’s such a huge amount of work! Is that a whole module?

    How did you render your tiles? I find rendering on tracing paper a total nightmare.

    • Elly Hails says:


      Thank you very much, appreciate it. The photos are dreadful though – I’m annoyed, wanted to include some of them in my portfolio. Yep, it was section 5, and there were a couple of paperwork projects too – BIG module. Yeh, feel your pain re tracing paper rendering – I just did it as neatly as I could (and had to do about 4 layers), but got good grades for it so I guess that’s good enough for KLC!

      How are you getting on with yours?? Hope it’s going well.

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