Monday’s Masterpiece – shabby chic perfection!

So in stark contrast to the contemporary vibe of Kelly Hoppen last week, for today’s masterpiece I thought I’d write about Rachel Ashwell and her Shabby Chic emporium of loveliness.  Now I don’t usually go for a hugely feminine look, and too much pink or lots of sacchirine touches make my teeth go on edge, but one or two shabby chic accents can work wonders in the right scheme in my opinion.

I don’t think Rachel Ashwell is strictly an interior designer but I’m just going to go ahead and ignore that for the purposes of today’s post…

So here are some of the images from her websitio:

And here are a few cute as a button picks from her product lines:

I’m not sure I could get away with sneaking any of these girly wares past Alistair’s nose, I shall have to content myself with online oogling!


  1. annie says:

    That’s so weird I was thinking about Rachel Ashwell last week, wondering what happened to her. I had her book, must have been around Y2K so ages ago! She designed this beautiful house for Pamela Anderson, it was one of the first case of serious house-envy I had. Always knew I’m not disciplined enough to live in a white and pink house though as I’d be bound to come home one day with a bright orange lamp and ruin it all. It’s so nice to see her stuff again! Thanks for sharing!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Ah, thanks for the comment.

      Yes, totally agreed re the orange lamp – I think I’d get a smidge bored in an all white/pastels home, and I know I’d somehow manage to spill red wine everywhere and completely ruin it! They are pretty vignettes to gaze at though…

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