Quirky pendant love

I went for dinner and drinkies last night with three of my best chicks, at a new shop/bar/restaurant/florist in the City called The Folly, and apart from having a jolly old time, I was also gobsmacked by the quirky, fresh and fun interiors, so I thought I’d share them with you today!

Why hello there mismatched upholstery and fun organic stools:

Are those really terracotta plantpot pendants?  I do believe so…genius:

I need some full size trees and picnic benches happening in my life:

I am just such a sucker for exposed pipework and brickwork – the two combined here are making me go an eeesnsy bit gaga:

And this oversize floorlamp/circular banquette dealio is also awe-some!

Is it too early in the morning to be wishing I were stood in front of this beehive-housed wine collection?!

And, at the risk of repeating myself, LOOK AT THESE PENDANTS!!!!!

So the lighting options are reason enough for me to go again, but the menus are also pretty fab – I highly recommend it, go check The Folly out!


  1. annie says:

    Hey Elly, can’t believe you were there last night I walked straight past it on the way home, could have come and say hi!

    This is my absolute fave plae in the City and you beat me to writing a post about it! It’s an interior style I like to call ‘Chintzy Amish Barn’ as can’t think of anything more descriptive.

    My favourite thing in there is the ostrich feather pendant light, did you see that? It’s enormous!

    • Elly Hails says:

      That’s so weird – would have loved to see you! ‘Chintzy Amish Barn’ sums it up pretty well I think – maybe add in a ‘with loads of crazy pendants’! Well I’m sure your post on it will top mine, I just got totally overexcited about said crazy pendants and stuck way too many pics up! I missed the ostrich feather one though, which level is it on? That’s an excellent reason to go back next time I’m home!

    • Elly Hails says:

      Oooh, great sourcing knowledge! I’ve just checked out some of his other pieces, they’re incredible! Especially the arco floor light-style feather chandelier. Yummy.

      I didn’t actually take those pics, just nicked them from their website…ahem.

      Thanks for sharing the info!x

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