Monday’s Masterpiece – head of the Brit Pack

Sorry for le delay today peeps – I’ve just got back chez les parents after a pretty crazy busy weekend. Much fun and high jinks were had up north, but I am now a leeetle beet exhausted, and have a lot of work to do today!  So I’ll keep this short and snappy.

So for today’s masterpiece I thought we’d look at the work of arguably the most famous of the Brit interior designers, Kelly Hoppen.  She’s designed everything from luxury residential projects and ski chalets, to yachts, hotels and chic restaurants, and has even received an MBE from Queenie for services to interior design – pretty impressive if you ask me…

Her signature style is contemporary and energetic, with plenty of sleek lines, effective use of black and white, and lots of animal prints, but she can also create more traditional looks to suit the architecture of a period property in London, for instance.

So first up is her home in London, courtesy of Metropolitan Home/Elle Décor.  This living space is killing me check out the light and space, and those beams! Also love how she’s separated off the living room area from the kitchen.

Livening up this black/white scheme with the animal prints and oversize mirror is genius.  And I usually have a small shudder of revulsion whenever I see white leather used anywhere in an interior, but I actually quite like it on these dining chairs.

Kelly is apparently a big fan of using natural and organic materials, such as this petrified wood side table – looks fantastic set against the martini chairs.

Couple of gorgeous vignettes from the kitchen – the window treatment is chainmail over cotton, quirky but fun!  And I *heart* the Artemis mirror/Ochre pendant combo (not, in this instance, the white leather though):

Who doesn’t need a bubble chair in their kitchen, that’s what I want to know…

The master bedroom is much more calming and serene, with neutral colours and luxurious highly textured fabrics (bit too brown for me though).

And the bathroom is perfection!  The quirky and contrasting stools set against the smooth lines of the bathtub are fab (although, you guessed it, not the white leather on the Barcelona stool in my humbles opinion).  Love that cantilevered seating strip too.

And finally, the f.l.i.p.p.i.n.g roof terrace – AMAZING!  Love the relaxed seating and oversize planters, but I reckon it could do with a few more lanterns and a splash of colour. I think we can safely say I would not turn my nose up though.

And here’s a slightly more traditional home in London, as featured in Architectural Digest.  Love the palette of blush pink, soft greys and taupe, and I’m a big fan of the oversize ottoman + tray combo.  Gorgeous collection of objets trouvés on the shelving also.

Love the Oriental accents in the dining room, such as the tatami mat and linear furniture. And the bronze candelabra adds the perfect note of drama.

Ultra-modern kitchen with green slate worktops:

An alpaca wool upholstered headboard, attention grabbing artwork and liberal use of limestone and marble up the ante in the soothing master bedroom and master bath.

And a garden designed by me old chum Luciano Giubbilei is the icing on the cupcake:

Few more fave images from her contemporary portfolio:

But then she can also pull off a classic traditional style beautifully – LOVE these flowing floor length drapes, and that’s a fab way to avoid making the back of a sofa the first impression you get of a room.

And my picks of her multiple product lines:

And some fab wallpaper!


  1. annie says:

    Hey Elly
    Surprised to see you do a post on KH, thought it would be far too neutral for you! And for me, all a bit grey, but I do love that beautiful hallway with the staircase and wooden floor, and the grey wool dining chair.
    Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen has been doing loads of KH-bashing in interviews lately, it’s hilarious!
    Hope you’re enjoying Blighty x

    • Elly Hails says:

      Hey Annie – thanks for the comment! I know, I must say it’s not the style I’m naturally most attracted to but I do love all the animal prints and quirky shapes she uses. I was trying to do a ‘British fortnight’ while I was back home and figured I should really include her!

      That’s funny about LLB, I’ll have to look up some of the interviews! From what I understand (which is not much…) he’s not exactly the most popular designer around though, no? I must find out more about UK designers, know very little – is there anyone in particular you’d recommend I research?

      Had a fab time in Blighty thank you! I wanted to email you but can’t find your address – would you please drop me a quickie at when you get a spare sec?


  2. annie says:

    Here’s one gem:

    ‘Dear old Kelly, she used to be a lot more fun in the 80s, and then she went to the Far East and got bitten by some strange beige insect.’

    He did the Daffodil in Chelters which looks nice. I think he’s a bit underrated actually, I’ve got one of his books and it’s actually really helpful. He’s not a snob at all and I quite like that about him.

    Have dm’d you x

    • Elly Hails says:

      Haha, hilarious. Tis true though, life is just too short for beige. Fact!

      Hmm, I shall have to check LLB out then if you recommend him. Maybe he’ll be the next Monday’s Masterpiece!

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