Fun in the sun!

So with summer finally arrived in the northern hemisphere I’ve had a few peeps asking me for ideas for outdoors rooms, terraces, patios etc., so I thought I’d put together a couple of posts for you lovely lot.

You know the drill – inspiration pics today, details tomorrow!  So first up are the contemporary puppies:

Ok ok, I know this one isn’t strictly ‘contemporary’, but I like it so it’s going in!

Or are you veering towards more of a rustic vibe…?

I’ve actually fallen a little bit in love with this image:

And the lovely exotic ladies:

I spy Windsor Smith’s garden of awesome-ness:

Also, make sure you check out my Coastal Beauties and Al Fresco Fun posts for more ideas!


  1. annie says:

    Wow those are amazing, I love that some of them are like proper rooms, they even have chandeliers! So cute. Makes my terrace look rubbish :o(

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