Monday’s Masterpiece – cool coastal style

Sorry for the deeelay posting today – I’ve been struck down by some horrible buggy cold and have only just got myself in gear.  So today I thought I’d post about Jeffrey Alan Marks, a Santa Monica based interior designer who I first took note of when he stuck a rowing boat upside down on his bedroom ceiling.  I’m not kidding…:

But I actually think it’s quite cool!  So let’s start off by taking a peek at the rest of this property.  Love the mix of colours, textures and patterns used in the living room and the sunroom – they ensure the scheme stays lively but are pastelly enough to keep it serene and calming:

Gorgeous rustic kitchen with a couple of contemporary accents in the Urban Archeology pendants and the bar stools:

A de Gournay wall treatment is a quirky addition to the dining room:

Love this chic yet masculine dressing room:

And this back to back mirror idea is genius, if you’re lucky enough to have a humongous bathroom:

Love the pairing of vintage industrial-style chairs with the wicker lounge furniture:

Here are my faves from his portfolio:

And my picks of his product lines:

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