Affordable floorwear

Good morning!  I thought today I’d share with you lovely lot a few resources I’ve stumbled across recently for affordable contemporary and Persian rugs – I do love me a good splash of colour underneath my feet, whether it be a fun geometric or an antique design.

Sooooo, first up is the Dash & Albert Rug Company , who carry a collection of affordable and fun rugs that are durable enough to withstand even the messiest of dogs!  Check out these gorgeous designs:

Or how about a hot pink leopard print number – come to mama!

I’m tempted to get one of these just to see Ali’s reaction…

Ermm, and for Persian rugs, there seem to be three ways to go:

1. If you live in le UK, the internet-based shop irugs has some pretty bonkers discounts (it reckons up to 75%) on just gorgeous Persian rugs, as well as an extra 25% on a lot of them today (huh, although that makes it sound as if they’re giving them away free – not quite!) – check out these lovely ladies:

2. The uber-luxury Landry & Arcari sell their (mostly brand new) closeout rugs at a flipping crazy HALF PRICE:

3. Or lastly there’s always good ol’ebay:

Happy shopping!


  1. kim says:

    I personally like the collection of Persian carpets from the Dash & Albert Rug company! very gorgeous designs! I would want to purchase an affordable, fun and durable Persian carpet from them!

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