Chinoiserie chic – part 2

Morning morning, and welcome back to part two of my chinoiserie extravaganza – today I thought we should take a look at the different options for sourcing these fabulous wallcoverings.

Firstly, for the real deal (and very expensive) I-want-to-spend-all-day-gazing-at-you shizzle, you need to get your butts to Paul Montgomery, de Gournay, Fromental or Gracie Studio.

Paul Montgomery (in my opinion, the best of the pastel shades live here):

de Gournay (the ultra-luxurious go to design house for classic elegant chinoiserie):

Fromental (recommended for its more modern take on the classic designs – check out the MONKEYS! – and its contemporary colourways):

And lastly Gracie Studio (who have a simply HUGE range and interesting colourways – loving this marigold shade below):

For those of you who are not the happy owners of a trust fund (!), here are some similar wallpapers without the bonkers price tag –  try the non-hand painted versions from Schumacher, Thibaut and Zoffany.



And the Fontaine prints fabric collection from Zoffany can also be used as a wall covering:

But if your heart’s set on getting your mittos on one of the hand painted silk puppies, Griffin & Wong have some more reasonably priced versions:

Or this ebay seller is supposed to be pretty good I believe:

And here are some slightly cheaper ideas and DIY options.

Instead of covering an entire room or wall in the stuff, why not incorporate just one mural into a wall painted in a complementary or contrasting colour.  Errr, $6.50/square foot?  That’s more like it…

And here’s a more pricey but also really unusual mural from Waverly:

Or instead of committing to an expensive wallcovering, why not use one of these fun-and-bargainous screens:

A vinyl wall sticker is another inexpensive yet striking addition to any room (this Etsy seller has a huge range of colours and can customise the design for you):

Or why not totally DIY-it using one of these stencils, some luxurious backing paper and oodles of metallic paints:

Similar to the mural idea above, you could frame a small piece of your favourite chinoiserie design or incorporate a couple of panels into a scheme (making the panels the same width as the wallpaper roll is the easiest option):

Or simply only cover a small area in the wallpaper:

And lastly, check out SecondHand Rose for some surprisingly reasonably priced vintage/antique wallcoverings:

You now officially have no excuse not to add a little whimsical chinoiserie touch to your home, let me know if you do!


  1. Meg L says:

    Thank you for this post! I have been tirelessly trying to find a beautiful wall mural that won’t cost me over an arm and a leg for my dining room. I really like some of the options you posted and wish I could afford the “real” stuff. I did find which is carried by Stark which is supposed to be an alternative to a Gracie or Paul Montgomery paper. I have no idea if its really that much cheaper have you heard of it? I couldn’t find much online about this manufacturer.

    • Elly says:

      Hey Meg! You’re welcome, glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping by! Nope I hadn’t head of Fowler le Maison but will definitely be checking it out now, thanks for the heads up!

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