Chinoiserie chic – part 1

Good morning!  So after the chinoiserie loveliness that featured yesterday, I thought it was about time I devoted a little bit of blog love to all things chinoiserie and chic!  It’s not exactly an up and coming craze, chinoiserie wallcoverings have been featuring in the design magazines since long before the time of Domino, but I suspect it’s going to hang around for a while yet as I believe you’d be hard pushed to find a more feminine and exotic look all bundled into a roll of wallpaper!

Anyway, so today we’ll cover the inspiration pics, and tomorrow the stockists of this gorgeous stuff… 

I’m pretty sure I let out an audible squeak when I saw this first image:

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my round up of the crazy high price point hand painted stockists, some more reasonably priced mid-range options and some sneaky DIY ideas…


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