Monday’s Masterpiece – cosy colourful glamour

I reckon this photo could hold its own in a ‘most blogged pic of all time’ knock out contest. In fact, I reckon it might win.  It was first published by Elle Décor in 2006 but the number of times I’ve seen it still talked about 5 years later is just crazy!

Anyway, so the genius behind this design is Miles Redd, and I thought I’d feature him as today’s Design God.  So let’s take a look at the whole of this chinoiserie-bedecked property first…

One of his signature styles is to incorporate highly saturated lacquer walls – I am LOVING this teal example!  The pairing of the ikat slipper chairs and upholstered club chairs is also le bee’s knees, especially when underscored by that zebra rug.

These next two spaces have a much more masculine feel to them.  Love the mix of contemporary and antique furnishings and I spy a Madeline Weinrib striped rug!

Duck egg blue gallery wall full of vintage prints?  Yes please.

Next up is a fun and colourful New York apartment as featured in House Beautiful.  I’m loving the playfulness of the box-pleat ruffles on the slightly sheer curtains, and the aqua/amethyst combo is pretty interesting…

This is one helluva interesting wall display and I *heart* that mirror.  Ooh, and the bleached dining chairs.

And every single detail of this cosy little reading nook is spot on!

Another of his signature styles is to cover traditional pieces of furniture in bright fresh colours, to give them some added ping.  I’m not sure about the lime green armchair, but looove everything else about this scheme, especially the matching Chinese garden stool and X benches:

More beautiful chinoiserie – perfection paired with the teal chair:

And I’m loving the fact that the master bedroom’s scheme was built around this antique Coromandel screen:

And lastly, here are my fave pics from his portfolio:


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