Flowers Friday – contemporary cool

I came across the sleek contemporary minimalist work of the UK-based landscape designer Luciano Giubbilei in House & Garden the other day and was totally and utterly gobsmacked at myself for liking it.  It’s very different to the type of landscape design I usually lean towards, the include-as-many-flowers-and-colours-as-possible-and-preferably-also-an-Indian-tent school…

Anyway, here are my picks of his portfolio, enjoy and have a super duper weekend!

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  1. Isa says:

    I LOVE Luciano Giubbilei’s gardens. They are modern, simple and elegant, formal without being classic. His gardens are perfect for the rich Londoners for whom the garden is a beautiful outdoor room where they can entertain. The perfectly clipped, pruned, trained trees and hedges ensure that the garden is beautiful all year round, even in winter as his gardens are very architectural. Obviously, Luciano Giubbilei’s London based clients are not plants lovers or gardeners otherwise his gardens would be differents. That’s why I love his Chelsea flower show gardens, where he can show more diversity and talent by using ornamental grasses and all sorts of flowers … that’s when he’s at his best.

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