Lovely jubbly lucite – part 1

Morning morning! 

Sorry for the delay posting today, we just got off the prop coming back from the Brac and I am running late this morning!  I thought today I’d post up this fresh clean image – I usually find monotone white schemes pretty dull (and always find myself wondering if the people who live there ever drink red wine…yep, I’m getting old and practical) but this one’s livened up big time by all the various textures of the upholstery, rug, metallic accents and lucite end tables.

It’s this last element of the scheme that I wanted to discuss today.  Let’s talk lucite.  Now when I first stepped into this brave new (interior design) world, every time I saw a piece of lucite furniture, I immediately though ‘ergghhhh, what gross and cheap-looking décor, you’d never catch me using that stuff’ but it has sneakily grown and grown on me and I now can’t get enough of it.  My style seems to be evolving into an eclectic mix of colour, exotic furnishings and vintage pieces, and lucite just happens to provide the perfect pop of contemporary style in any scheme.  I’d never use very much of it, but just an accent table or pair of table lamps would do nicely.  It also seems to be paired with zebra stripe very often, which me likey a lot!

Anyway, so I thought I would do a bit of a round up of lucite-influenced schemes for you folks – let me know what you think!

Firstly, the inspiration pics…

I love the fact that your first impression of this scheme is one of gorgeous traditional furnishings + one helluva fantastic wallpaper panel, but then your eye gets drawn to the teeny tiny lucite side table, and then your head explodes from all the awesomeness.

Interesting combo with the wicker chairs and terracotta pots:

Ditto the carved wooden door and upholstered eye candy here:

What a chic living room, me wantey:

And I’m going ever so slightly gaga over these dining chairs and chandies:

An eeny weeny touch of lucite on the washstand legs goes a long way here!

And this office is the bee’s knees.  Seriously, I can see myself sleeping in here!  And I need to get my hands on that zebra stripe/tufted domed armchair IMMEDIATELY!!

Tick, tick and tick:

Love this cute colour scheme!

And these end-of-bed stools provide the perfect pop of lucite loveliness (especially paired with the light fixture in the second piccy):


There’s maybe a smidge too much lucite in this scheme for me, but it’s still making my heart aflutter…

And lastly, this metallic/lucite/floral combo is just perfection!

So have I convinced you yet?!  Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my picks of the ranges available both sides of the pond!


  1. annie says:

    Have you seen the cover of this month’s homes and gardens? Traditional country house sitting room made contemporary by the colour scheme and an amazing lucite coffee table x

    • Elly Hails says:

      Nope, not yet – I have a subscription but they can’t post them over here so they’re always like 6 months out of date by the time I read them… We’re heading home next month though, I’m excited about getting my Homes and Gardens and Living Etc. fix, and will deffo check out this scheme you mention!x

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