Yikes, I am feeling sleepy this morning…  I’ve just started this dude’s 40 day yoga challenge:

And I am feeling it!!  3 days down, 37 to go…  I’m usually pretty cynical about regimes like this and all the mumbo jumbo that’s caught up in them, but Baron Baptiste actually sounds like he might know what he’s talking about (high praise from Elly Hails, believe me!).  Anyway, I’m not exactly a yoga beginner but the daily intensive Vinyasa classes + early morning meditation sessions are killing me – I’m finding myself sat here at my desk at 7.30am wanting to go back to bed when I should be ready and raring.

Anyway, so one of the features that House Beautiful are currently running is pretty good timing: a round up of  cosy and luxurious bedrooms. Feast your peepers people – I challenge you to not start yawning…


And here are a few more beauts I’ve come across this morning (err, and no I haven’t just spent the last 3 hours cruising around t’internet….ahem):

These oh so dreamy boudoirs are courtesy of La Petite Fleur de Londres:

Alrighty, definitely off to do some work now!

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