Flowers Friday – (royal) posies

Good morning folks and a very HAPPY ROYAL FRIDAY to you!  It was soooooo beautiful, made me proud to be a Brit!!

Now I’m pretty sure that every single blog in the whole of Blog Land will be talking about today’s British nuptials but I’ve come over all patriotic all of a sudden and have decided to also jump on the Wills and Kate wedding bandwagon. 

We’re having a Princess Party (yep, you read right…jealous?!) at my gaffe today, complete with High Tea, Pimms, more bunting, doilies and pearls than you can shake a stick at and our very own DIY crown station.  Basically it’s going to be a 6 year old’s party with booze.  And I can’t wait!!!  We have I think 6 nationalities represented and I’m thinking of forcing everyone to speak in a posh British accent all day – is that a smidge too colonial, do you think?!  So when I was buying some flowers for the occasion I got an eensy bit over-excited and seem to have bought a few too many…  So I thought that for today’s FF I would show off my beauts posies to you lovely lot!  They shall be centred pride of place on the High Tea table and shall preside over the cucumber sandwiches and raspberry scones like champs!
And here are a few home décor accessories fit for a Princess, just in case you’re hankering after some Brit styling (click for the link!):
 Have a happy (and very royal) long weekend – I’m off to bake scooones!


  1. Alistair says:

    It’s true – our home has been taken over and decked out fit only for princesses. I have been banished and am expected to languish on the beach whilst the festivities are taking place…

  2. Laura Terry says:

    Wasn’t it amaaazing?!! So very beautiful. Your party looks wonderful – I particularly like the invitations! Wish I could’ve been there x

    PS. Ali, banished to the beach? My heart bleeds!

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