I do love me a good map-poring-over sesh – ever since I was little, the sight of contour lines and pink/yellow/green countries have fascinated me, I guess it’s the thrill of unknown exotic places.  Anyway, so I’ve recently been noticing an increasing trend in interior design: the use of large scale maps as wallpaper, headboards, artwork, or even kitchen splashbacks.  For instance, the debut issue of High Gloss featured two schemes using maps and, while I actually didn’t rate either scheme massively highly, they did get me pondering using these slightly unusual accessories…. 
So I did a bit of research and it turns out it’s not just me!  They seem to be hugely prevalent in nurseries and teenage boys’ rooms, but they do also feature in a bunch of adult environs…  What do you think? 
Scrapbook style:
I love the idea of cutting up a large map and framing each of the sections:
And how’s this for a nursery?!  Great for raising the next generation of globe-trotters!
So when it comes to choosing the map, I feel as if Paris is a bit of a cliché – I reckon you should pick somewhere close to your heart…for me it would be the Isles of Scilly I reckon.  I found these on
Londinium would come second:
And Latin America a close third:
Ebay is also an awesome source it seems – they have a few beaut’s right now – as well as the obvious haunts like Portobello Market or the Book Market on Southbank (or in fact any other vintage market in any city in the world!).  I think I shall go on the hunt when we’re next home!