Potty for pastels!

So whilst mercilessly hunting down a bunch of bold and beautiful jewel-hued interior design schemes for you lovely lot last week, I came across a few of their slightly more timid cousins which I thought also deserved some blog love as they are singularly pretty and peaceful and just really ruddy lovely.  Seriously, if anyone needs me today, I’ll mostly be found oogling these vignettes…
I’m seriously digging all this peachy-pink floating around: 

And will someone please tell me where I can get my mittos on this chandy?!

I spy Windsor Smith’s upholstered 360 degrees sofa-of-loveliness:

Bold bold BOLD wall/flooring pattern combo, I’m loving it!

And every single element of this room is the bee’s knees – I literally can’t take my eyes off the fabric on the sofa.

Oh so dreamy…


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