Little bit of downtime…

I don’t know about you, but I sure have been working like a mofo for the last couple of weeks – I’m bored of not having a job (and am ever so slightly broke also!) and am trying to ramp up the pace at which I’m getting through my course. Think the grades might fall but at least I’ll be qualified sooner!
Aaaanyway, so I’m finding myself a smidge stressed out today and wishing I were going away here for a few days!  It’s a gorgeous country house designed by Helen Green and I *heart* it.
I have a huge crush on this light (candle) fixture, especially paired with the wooden beams.

Loving the bedside table and the duck egg/chocolate contrasts.


And I reckon I’d actually want to work in this study, instead of deliberately wasting time writing about something very important on my blog…

This pillar candle chandelier is from Restoration Hardware (click for the link), *swoon*:

And this cute tea light version is from (click for the link) and is much more reasonably priced!

Alrighty, back to work I go…


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