I think I’m one of the last people on the planet to have come across this concept, but how much fun does glamping look???!!!  As in, glamorous camping:

This bathroom is genuinely more luxurious than the one in our condo…me not happy.

Check out Jolly Days and Feather Down for two of the best I’ve seen in Blighty.  And every year Camp Kerala manages to transform Glastonbury from a muddy, stinky, how-on-earth-have-I-got-baked-beans-stuck-in-my-hair (or is that just me?!) affair to a luxurious easy-breezy delight:

But I think what I’m most excited about are all the luuurvely accessories that are clearly 100% necessary for such a stylish occasion, such as these from Camping With Soul.

Every Easter all over the Caribbean people go camping for the long weekend, in fact there are already pitches staked out on our local beach!  I wonder if I could persuade Monsieur to rig us up a tent using all our Guatemalan/Indian textiles – hmm, le thinking cap is going on…over and out!


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