Sneak peek: Lilly P

I thought today I’d let you know the VERY VERY EXCITING news that HFI Brands has published some photos of its soon to be released Lilly Pulitzer line – let’s have a sneaky peekie:

Hello there gorgeous bedding:


I’m loving the upholstered armchairs and coffee tables, but am not so sure about those wall panels…yikes.

I am soooo having a hot pink moment right about now:

Stunning unusual upholstered four poster:

And I love the idea of framing a bunch of Lilly P fabric samples as so:

Seriously loving this daybed, and what a fabulous fabric also:

What a fun retro bar cart!!

And I think my clothes closet would be in a much neater state if they lived in here:

These two stools need to hop their way onto our terrace, chop chop:

And lastly, is this not the most genius idea you have ever seen?!  ‘Why yes, I do happen to need some more storage space for my shoes – ooh, inside this ottoman?  Perfect, you’re a genius.’   

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