Monday’s Masterpiece – Exotic elegance

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your weekends were super duper.  I’ve decided to dedicate today’s big name designer post to the legend that is Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, a Brit interior designer who’s set up shop in LA.  In his career to date his work has been featured on more front pages than you can shake a stick at, and he has designed homes for Elton John, Cher and Tamara Mellon, to name but a few of his celebrity pals.
I first came across his work in Elle Décor, when the home of the actress Ellen Pompeo was featured.  And I LOVE IT!!!!!  Martyn describes his work as ‘eclectic’ in terms of mixing up styles and periods, and quotes Oscar Wilde: ‘all beautiful things belong to the same time’.  I think you’ll agree that he’s managed to pull together various styles to beautiful effect here.
I am very much enjoying the Moroccan accents, deep blue vintage dhurrie and wooden beams combo in the living room and foyer:

Hmm, not sure about this one…the terracotta/stainless steel contrast is very bold, think I like it.  Am loving the oversize photo also.

The Moroccan accents + rustic farmhouse table are pretty effective here:

Gorgeous wall hanging/cushion combo, and I’m seriously enamoured with the red/orange + deep grey colour combo – who’d have thought they could look so fab together.  The brass lamp base/grey lacquer cabinets are the bee’s knees! And the antique Chinese bamboo ladder plays so well off the zinc garden stool in the master bath – perfection!

And the outdoors spaces are pretty swoon-worthy also (slightly obsessed with that brass-topped table + drop dead gorgeous lantern):

Here are a few of my fave images from his portfolio:

Check out these KILLER exotic bedrooms:

Zebra print?  Moroccan inlay table?  Dusty pink upholstery?  Metallic glinty floral screen?  All beautiful items, I agree, but all together in one room?!?!  Who’d have thought they’d look so fabulous together?!  I bow down.

And a few years ago Architectural Digest featured an adobe property designed by him for an ‘art lover and equestrienne’ in a Portuguese quinta style – it pretty much rocks.  The rustic entranceway is BONKERS, the Indian gourd and antique French oil jar are making my knees weak…

…as are the Oriental vibe going on in the living room and the sparkly crushed Mica added to the plaster on the walls of the dining room – friggin’ genius:

Again, loving the Japanese/Chinese influences in the master bedroom – that screen is incredible.

Speaking of horse-y décor, check out the new issue of High Gloss – love love love both the magazine and the scheme on the front cover (designed by Cathy Echols – let’s cover her work next Monday!):

Ahem sorry, getting distracted….where was I?  Oh yep, ok and here are my picks of Martyn’s furnishings and fabrics lines:

Hellllo statement rug:

And some you’re-so-gorgeous-I-want-to-upholster-something-with-you-immediately textiles:

Ok, I’m off to learn about heating and insulation, *yawn* – I have a sneaky suspicion I may start dreaming up some Morocco-styled creations instead…

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  1. annie says:

    Hi Elly
    Those interiors are amazing! Jealous! And how smug are that couple, I would be too though. I love that style because it looks really natural and effortless.
    Thanks for sharing.

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