Monday’s Masterpiece – English eccentric

Good morning and welcome to the week!  I had a long overdue catch up with two of my best chicks yesterday, which made me miss good ol’ blighty something rotten.  So I thought this week I’d look at two very different Brit interior design styles, both of which I happen to find pretty smashing.  So for this week’s Design Legend post, let’s take a gander at the work of Abigail Ahern.
Design*Sponge featured a sneak peek of her home a while back, and I have to say the images stopped me dead in my tracks.   She talks about ‘Alice [in Wonderland] on acid’ as her inspiration for her home, which I thought was quite funny…  Anyway, she’s included a bonkers eclectic mix of furnishings, which sit surprisingly well together against the backdrop of deep grey walls and traditional mouldings.  And I luuuurve how she plays with scale by incorporating features like the giant anglepoise lamp.  She also has a really refreshing take on beauty, without being precious about the provenance of items – the main piece of artwork in her living room is an old sign hung back to front on the wall, so that its age and rusty patina is on display.  And the exposed brickwork is le bee’s knees – I do love me a good bit of brickwork!  Anyway, feast your peepers on the pics!

And I’m seriously enamoured with the more serene and calming bedroom/bathroom combo – clawfoot tub + contemporary chandie + working fireplace = happy Elly.

And here are some more images from her portfolio (LOVING the painted floorboards in the first set):

A few of these schemes also feature in her book, ‘A girl’s guide to decorating’ – the name makes it sound super-cringey but it’s actually choccablock full of really fab DIY fixes and other ideas to update your home on a tight budget, accompanied by some seriously gorgeous photography.  It was the first design book I purchased last year, and I have to say I do keep checking back to it for inspiration.
Erm…and lastly here are my picks from her (totally bonkers) home furnishings range – a lot of it is just too crazy for me but there are a few gems!  Her boutique, Atelier Ahern, is in Islington and we can safely say I shall be frequenting it when I’m next home.

A playful take on the ubiquitous zebra stripe rug:

And a few of the crazies!

They’re pretty cool, but I’m just not gutsy enough to ever use these, haha – big respect to anyone who manages to incorporate a greyhound floorlamp into a scheme!
Make sure you stop by for some English rural bliss tomorrow!


  1. Laura Terry says:

    Aww thank you for the shout-out 🙂 I absolutely LOVE this house. Let’s go to her boutique when you’re back? I need ideas – I am on the flat hunt!

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